GTX470 SLi + 4.2GHz i7920 Water Cooling

Hey all.

I currently have a single CPU loop consisting of

RAD - Hardware Labs GTX Extreme 360
Pump - EK4.0
CPU Block - Swiftech Apogee XT

All mounted inside Antec 1200 (thx to Jedimasterben and his previous sugestions). This will run Prime95 with HT enabled at 60deg (28 ambiant) all day long.

Im going to be upgrading from 3*GTX 260 216s to 2*GTX 470s, and will be looking to water cool both GPUs as well as the i7.

I really would like this mounted inside the case, so that would give me the option of a 120.2 Rad or the Antec 200mm Rad (120.2 would be my choice). But can a 120.2 + 120.3 cool the i7 + 2*470s (these will also get OCd).

I assume the best idea, would be to move the I7 to the 120.2 single loop and use the 120.3 to cool the SLi GPUs.

Space will be extremly limited in this chassis, so can my current pump run all this is a single loop if required ? (e.g 1 pump, 1 res, to save space)

Something like 'Pump > 120.3 > CPU > 120.2 > GPU > GPU > Res > Pump'. This will allow the 120.3 to cool the water from the GPUs before it goes back to the CPU. I also have to take into consideration where the rads are (Vertically placed into the lower 9*5.25 bays (120.3) and covering the exhaust fans at the back (120.2)).So the logistics of the tubing is atleast not a horific mess.

I do have 1*5.25 bay available if required, (though I really want to keep this available for the RAID 0 SSDs that are going in)

Below is pic of how system is currently assembled." class="img lazy">

Comment / Sugestions welcome please
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  1. :O that looks nasty.
  2. Yes it does, tho only 2 GPUs now, as one of the 260s, just sold on ebay. Anyway, back on topic please.
  3. RAD - Hardware Labs GTX Extreme 360

    Width133 mm
    Height397 mm
    Thickness54 mm

    Its a high density rad, in push/pull with 79CFM antec fans on it.
  4. Quote:
    I cool 3 470's and my X6 in a single loop with a Quad Feser Xchanger with ease. It looks like you have good airflow but how thick is your rad.

    I have the same rad waiting to be hooked up.
    Would have thought you would need more for the amount of heat those 470's are said to dump.
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