New Video Encoding/General Build...Clean & Simple

I think about the best feeling in the world is the day you arrive home to a stack of boxes for your new build from Newegg at your doorstep.

Finally, after two weeks dealing with rain, snow, and filth, the packages arrived to my humble abode in the Pacific Northwest (Thanks UPS 3 day shipping!!!)

Here are early pics. I'll post more as I put the pieces together. The goal of this built has been to create a nearly silent clean and black professional looking rig that is suited well for multitasking and for A/V/HD media encoding. I don't game very much (no time) but I am curious to pickup a good RTS (Company of Heroes?)...any recommendation would be helpful. My previous built was a AMD 3800X2, 2GB DDR, ASROCK Dual Sata, Radeon 9600, XP SP3 32bit.

Case: Lian Li V1100B-Plus II Silent Case
CPU: Core i7 920 w/ Zalman CPNS 9700NT (goal is to OC to 3.5-3.8GHz)
MB: Asus P6T Deluxe X58
Ram: OCZ 6GB 1600DDR3
GC: Fanless MSI 9500GT 512MB HDMI
Display: Samsung 2693HM 26" LCD
PS: OCZ StealthXStream 500W
HD: WD Velociraptor SataII 320GB 10K Drive (Primary), Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 500GB (Secondary)
Optical: LG DVD/RW (upgrade to BluRay burner in the future maybe)
Card Reader: Lian Li 25B 20 in 1 reader
Keyboard/Mouse: Logitech Desktop Wave Pro
OS: Windows7 64bit Beta (Vista Ultimate 64bit later)
HD Software: Sony Vegas 9 Premium or Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 Ultra (can't decide)

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  1. Ok, after a few hours (more like half the day), I think she is all dolled up and ready to go. Here are post production pics.

  2. Greetings from sunny soggy Mount Vernon :p

    Not sure how well any current RTS will run on the 9500GT. I don't do much RTS, but I found Medieval II to be good for a while:

    Hope that Zalman is quiet enough for you.
  3. Woohoo, Mt. Vernon!!!...then you know how the weather has been like the past few weeks.

    The Zalman is ok. Honestly, probably should have gotten a TRUE. I have the mobo fan settings to silent operation and it's barely audible at idle but at doing a burn in on Sandra, that sucker sounds like a little jet engine...haha.

    It's sits quiet at idle OC to 3.99GHz (BLCK 190). Temps are averaging low 40's at idle. Justs to mid 50's on load.
  4. Does that shroud come with the case? The pics on newegg don't show much... It seems like a good case over all, although like most quiet cases the cooling isn't the best.
  5. Are you talking about that small silver aluminum cover? Then Yes it does. It also has a 120mm silent Vga Fan next to it but I removed it to show some of the components.

    Overall, I think it is a great Case. Beautifully simple aluminum. Craftsmanship on it is very good. Looks and feels a little delicate compared to the Antec Case I used to own. It shows finger print marks a little so I need a to give it a good wipe. Overall, I have been pretty impressed. The silver version is discounted on newegg at $159 which I think is a fantastic deal. There was some squabble about the PSU compartment being too short but I had no problems and I thik the newer V1110 addressed this.

    Oh btw, the Lian Li "Vista incompatible" Reader seems to work great (only tested SM and CF). Thanks for the advice on an earlier thread!!!
  6. Here is a better depiction of the what the case would look like inside. This is the Lian-Li 1200 but has a similar internal setup as the Lian Li 1100. Although I think the 1200 is a little longer from front to back.

  7. Overclocking on this bad boy was super easy. Switched AiTweaker to Manual and adjusted the BLCK to 190. Let the rest on auto. I give the ASUS P6T Deluxe two thumbs up!

  8. If you could mod the case to put another 120mm intake fan on the top, it might be perfect ;)
  9. very nice setup there... i have almost all the stuff for my i7 rig ready with me, cabby is left to come.. will be assembling it this weekend and posting the pics too...
  10. Proximon said:
    If you could mod the case to put another 120mm intake fan on the top, it might be perfect ;)

    Sure!!! Can I come down to Mt. Vernon and use your metal saw? lol.
  11. scorpion_anshul said:
    very nice setup there... i have almost all the stuff for my i7 rig ready with me, cabby is left to come.. will be assembling it this weekend and posting the pics too...

    Be sure to post some good pics. What are you using to cool?
  12. Since you've only got that 9500GT, then you could look into Galactic Civilizations II--don't play it myself, but I think it's only 2D (and turn based, however), so it might work for you better.

    Empire: Total War and Starcraft II are coming soon, but then you'd have to upgrade that video card... and Supreme Commander would have been great on your rig too--doh! :D
  13. Nice work! Good cabling job.

    Just a little FYI:

    Check out BadaBOOM since you are encoding vids. I checked out the trial and my 9600GT can do the same encoding ~2x faster than a OCed E8400 (@3.8Ghz)


    DL it here:
    (Trial, can only do 30 encodings If I remember correctly)
  14. Thanks Shadow.

    Yeah, I just bought a Canon HG-20 High Definition Video Recorder and got the CUDA enabled 9500GT specifically for transcoding. My original intent was to use it with PowerDirector 7 Ultra which has CUDA optimization. It looks very encouraging but I will also give Badaboom a try seeing as if the software is efficient than maybe I won't need PowerDirector and can go with Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere which are not optimized with CUDA. I would love to seen how transcoding would do on a pair of Nvidia G92 series chips (260 and up) but due to premium cost and the fact I don't game very much, I'll just stick to the reviews.
  15. ^ I hear the next version of Vagas is going to have GPU acceleration for ATI and nVidia. (I too use Vagas)
  16. OK, I take back what I said about your 9500GT! :na:
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