Thermaltake toughtpower 750w

Hi evrey1,

I am confused about the requirements of GTX 280 SLI. Some says 55amps but should that be on a single rail?

Will the Thermaltake toughtpower 750w w0117 work without being overloaded?

It has 4 rails @ 18 amps each but it only have 1 8pin connector.

Or should I get a used Enermax Galaxy 1000w for 70$ more but it sounds confusing again because the galaxy have 5 rails @ 17 amps which seems little.
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  1. 55 amps is 55 amps. One or more rails - it shouldn't matter.
    I can't confirm that PSU can actually provice 55 amps of +12V. There isn't enough data on the data plate to be sure. You can't just add up each +12V rail - you have to known the max +12v the PSU can actually produce.

    For comparison here is the Corsair 750TX data plate (and it happens to be less expensive):
  2. So the corsair TX750 will do GTX 280 SLI without shortening its life.

    Is it better to get a used Enermax Galaxy 1000w for 70$ more?
    It has 76amps from 5 rails(900w on the 12v) but I am picky because it is used and its performance may degrade. :??:
  3. Corsair > Enermax. If you really want 1000W, go for the Corsair HX1000. I have one of those and it's awesome. But really, unless you're SLIing dual-gpu cards, or going for tri-SLI+physics, there's not much point to a 1000W. Something like the TX750 would be fine.

    As a rule I never buy 2nd hand PSUs, you never know how long they've been running, how much load they've been under, what conditions they've been exposed to, etc. etc. etc.
  4. Ok, so now thers the TX850(70amps) and the TX750(60amps). The price difference is 20$.
  5. Either one will be fine. It's your choice.
  6. Just to let you know that I took the TX850. It ended up being only 10$ more loll Newegg in canada charges alot for shipping.

    Thanks guyz You gave me confidence and that was the best choice.

  7. Did you check to make sure it would fit in your case?

    edit; it's the 1000w Corsair that you have to be careful about - the 850TX shouldn't be a problem.
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