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Hello, I have a Seagate 1.5T Expansion External Drive that the cables were wrapped around a chair - the phone on another desk rang, I moved - so did the drive onto a carpeted floor. No when it is plugged in the green light goes on and off at the front, a short sound is made every second or so but does not communicate with my computer (and my computer (XP Windows) says the drive works properly - go figure).
In Device Manager, the drive is listed after the short sounds cease and the green light remains constant. I can right click and go to Properties, then one of the tabs allows me to click Populate which 'looks' at the drive and calculates sectors and other techy stuff - I get 0's for this drive but numbers for my computer's hard drive.

I have exhaused my explorative powers, such as they are. I would like to pay for the repair of the drive (even twice the cost of it) as the data is important - isn't it always.
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  1. Have a look at this link:
  2. Thanks Buwish - will go and see them next..........hopefully it's affordable for mere mortals. Was hoping it was something like a logicboard issue..
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