Hell No.....I'm on fire part 2

Take a look at this and see 4 different utilities displaying different temperatures.

Everest Claim my CPU is at 46C but HWInfo and AOD see it as 43C....but looking closely it could be TMPIN0 or TMPIN2.
So what the hell is TMPIN1 showing at 47C ...is this the Mobo Temp ??

So does anyone have precise info for TMPIN 0 1 2 3 for my mobo GA-MA790XT-UD4P

Frank :bounce:
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  1. It looks like the 46C is the max temp reading for the CPU core. 42C is the current core temp. 42C looks like the most reliable reading for the system temp, or southbridge.

    Its possible the tempin02 reading could be your northbridge. If overclocking I would expect that to be a bit higher.
    All of these seem about par for the arctic cooler. If you are concerned about thermals, I suggest a beefier cooler that will also bring down your system temps.
    Check Frostytech.com for the latest word on CPU cooling.
  2. Also, could you explain a bit about your case cooling? That could have a major impact on temps across the board.
  3. I have a case wit the PSU at the top which exhaust hot air via the rear. I have intake fan 120mm at the front and back 120mm also and 80mm on the side. I have a 80mm extractor fan (sideways on the next PCI slot by my ATI HD3870). I also have an internal fan blowing aironto the cooler as an addon to the Arctic7 Fan. I have just re done the thermal paste with IC Diamond which seems to have helped a bit. The pic I just put up was with the rig at 3G (down from 3.2 x15 instead of X16 and Core voltage down from 1.35 to 1.25 ) I have tied and tidied the cabling as much as possible. I have 2 STAT drives which produce quite a bit of heat as well. I mainly use the rig to view HD TV via free sat with the occasional delve into serious sam etc ....ooops ....by the way what is the northbridge working temperature ...not seen any values for that anywhere....or the Southbridge ..mine is 970X.
    Thanks for your input.
  4. For the 790X motherboard, you will have the SB 750 and the northbridge 790X. On many current AMD boards, the system temp will refer to the southbridge.

    On my 790GX, the system temp is the SB750. In my case, the Biostar board was notorious for really high system temps due to the cheesy heatsink supplied. I installed a Thermaltake chipset cooler on my southbridge and my temps went from 80C down to 22C. It runs at ambient most of the time.
    The northbridge is located near the CPU socket. In mobos with integrated graphics like mine, this is where the graphics chip is at. They typically have a fairly robust heat sink.
    In your case the 790X is a budget board and may have an aluminum or minimal heat sink. I believe that one of the tempin temperatures you are seeing is being reported by the northbridge, although I can't be certain about that, or which one it might be. My educated guess is that it it could be the tempin02 could be reported by the northbridge.
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