Prime95 not using all 4gb of ram with blend test

I just upgraded to 4gb (2x 2gb) from 2gb. I'm overclocking my E6550 from 2.33ghz to 3.5ghz (500*7). This speed was stable with my old memory and when I used blend test with 2gb, prime95 used all 2gbs, however, with 4gb and using the same blend test its only using 2.60gb. Is this normal? if not how can i fix it? I'm using windows vista home premium 64bit.
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  1. (correct me if i'm wrong somebody who knows) but did you enable the 'memory remap feature' in your bios? I was just reading about overclocking here -

    The writer mentioned this feature in his BIOS runthrough. Apparently it will allow your mobo/OS to utilize all of your RAM

    Quoted -

    The only other setting worth mentioning here is the so-called “memory remap feature.” If you are running with more then 3 gigs of memory, and you want to actually have the BIOS/OS see it, you’ll need to enable this. Also enable this if you’re running a 64-bit operating system.
  2. just checked bios, Memory Remap Feature is enabled
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