M3N78-VM AM3 with Phenom II X3 710

Just purchased a new motherboard and CPU. I got the M3N78-VM with a phenom II X3 710. sooo... basically M3N78-VM does work with the Phenom II X3 even though its 45nm? From everything I've read, All I have to do is flash bios.

Here's my questions.
Do I put the processor in and then flash bios? or do I have to have an older or athlon XP x2 processor in there and then flash bios?

And my Phenom II X3 says it has 2.6GHz triple core with 7.5MB cache...But from the other posts I've read had said that it bottlenecks at 1GHz HT? AM I losing Speed by putting this processor in this Mobo?
**yes i know HT mean HyperTransport, somewhat confused..

I know that this Mobo is a AM2+, and yes I know im not fully harnessing the full potential, but I'm confused as to how much speed I lost.
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  1. I think you made a stupid choice because you bought a brand new mobo that doesnt support the 710 by default when instead you could have gotten something like


    for 5 bucks more.
  2. Go to the MB product page and look at the CPU support list. You will need a CPU that is supported by the original BIOS release to be safe. Update to the latest BIOS then install your new processor.
  3. I agree with 'The Third Level' that you sould have purchased a better Motherboard, but more to the point, why not a proper Skt AM3 board?
    The Phenom II X3 710 is socket AM3, so why stick it in any New Skt AM2+ board?
    That just does not make economical sense to me, unless you have 8GB DDR2 RAM that your in love with!
    You get the most out of an AM3 CPU on an AM3 board!

    I expect you will have to stick a different AM2+ CPU in to allow you to upgrage the Bios. If you put the Phenom II X3 710 in and it worked then, well, you would not need to upgrade the Bios!?!

    I would suggest that you wind in your bottle necked project and get an AM3 board!
  4. Whoa...
    Thanks man! I'm returning M3N78-VM on monday. please no criticism, but yea I got this mobo at Fry's electronic...I actually came in with a game plan. I wanted to get a simple Intel core 2 duo and mobo. I had the sku in hand, but as soon as the sales person talked to me and told me about the intel I7 and all these wonders(like 16gb of ram!)....my head starting spinning!

    I originally wanted a simple core 2 duo with a max of 4gb ram...

    But all those motherboards on display, I was a kid in a candy shop. The only thing that brought me down to reality were the prices. So I tried to pull myself together and get an AMD. I've always liked AMD...and the prices looked reasonable. How I changed my mind from intel to amd at the moment and not stick to my plan, I wouldn't know. but like I said "kid in a candy".


    PS after writing the first post, and doing more research I exchange the mobo for this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131363
  5. PSS
    I meant to say that I was THINKING of getting this item

    But The Third Level pointed out this item

    I am going to the get the ASUS M4A78 Plus AM3

    Thanks for your replies!
  6. Well no, the one you pointed out is better.
    I only pointed that one out to show you something in a similar price range.


    Is a good choice. Gigabyte makes nice mobos and for 140 that one is a good deal.
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