Opinions on my extremely budgeted build (first build)

mobo-MSI K9A9 CF-F
processor-AMD athlon X2 4200+ brisbane
memory-2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800
case-rosewill TU55 midtower
sound-DIamond audio 7.1 soundcard
video-Visiontek ATI RADEON 4650HD 512mb
cooler-Antec Arctic 64
hdd-seagate 250GB 16MB
dvd burner-Samsung 20x
OS-XP home

I have it oc'd running 2.8G on each core stable
I also have the video card oc'd a small amount
system is fast and basic just how I like it

so was this a decent FIRST BUILD? never built a computer in my life before this! it was glorious when it fired up successfully the first time!

Ill get pics up soon!
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  1. why a sound card for such a tight budget?
  2. had it on my old computer, so I just swapped it over......
  3. Couple things come to mind.

    First off, you don't list the PSU. That's a bad sign, having a good one is important.

    Did you mean K9A2 CF? Not an awful choice, but I think you would have been happier with this:
    Biostar 790GX

    Other than those two things, I would say for a budget build it's good. Hopefully that board will support a Phenom II upgrade in the future.
  4. sorry, yeah its a CF.....sorry spaced the PSU, its an Orion 485W, not the greatest, but better than the bestec 300w in my old computer! Ill be upgrading to probably an Antec 500w+

    I got the MSI board for a good price, that is the only reason I went with it.

    I want to put a better CPU in eventually, but I am limited to 95W I think (forget the specs off the top of my head)
  5. another thing I forgot to mention, my memory is not the same XMS2 they list on newegg, it is the dhx version with the full heatsink. I also added another antec 3spd fan to the case.
  6. not a bad build! How much does it cost in all?
  7. 430 including OS
  8. how do you like the 4670 video card?
  9. A good review of moderately priced graphic cards with new released games which include the 4650 and 4670.
  10. Yeah the 4670 is pretty good! It can run all new games at least at normal settings or higher....
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