New optical drive?

Alright, my current CD/DVD drive has started to pack it in (read quality just went out the window, really quickly), but its pretty old (nearly 12 years old :ouch: ), so i dont care.
So im looking at getting a new one (obviously).
CD/DVD, blu-ray combo. Whatever. As long as it does CD's and DVD's normally, is decent quality, and wont burn a hole through my pocket and down into the center of the earth.
Im not so fussed on writing quality as i am on reading quality and speed.
So, recommendations, anybody?
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  1. From personal experience, I recommend Liteon. The drive I have cost me around $100 a year ago, but well worth it in regard to the quality at which it reads Blu-Rays, burns, and reads rather quickly.

    just pick out your drive type sata or ide,it is probably ide if it is 12 years old!

    I agree liteons run smooth!
  3. SATA or IDE doesnt matter, my mobo takes either. And the drive was ripped out of an old computer cos i couldnt afford to buy a new one on my build (i know, im a cheapskate).

    i should have mensioned this before, but my price range is around about $100. And I dont mind $50 over/under. So, any particular ones besides a Liteon I should keep my eye out for, or is that what i should be looking at?

    Thanks for the replies.
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    I have Plextor (older models- 716 and 755), Sony Blu-ray Rom/DVDRW in laptops, LG, Samsung, and Pioneer. Use to like Liton but feel thier quality has dropped some. A DVDRW should only cost $25 +/- $5. I use to Buy Plextor, but They got out of the OEM DVD market and use a rebaged Drive at an inflated price. I'm more into write quality, so for Read speed look at the specs, And Check for reliability ratings - Don't want to be replacing new one in 6 Monthes

    Blu-ray Rom/DVDRW drives run $75 and up - But if you go that route make sure it comes with a Blu-ray program, or it will set you back another $60 -> $100 ( No freeby programs)
  5. I do really need decent read quality. I backup (not "backup"; just backup, im no pirate :ange: ) most of my disks/movies onto my computer (our family has a habit of losing disks out of their cases) and they have to be OK quality for it to actually work on most modern games/movies. The main reason im replacing the one i have is not becuase it doesnt work, but im getting reading errors.
    Will a $25 +/- $5 still do the job, you think?
    Im just double checking becuase i dont know too much about specs of op. drives, other than read/write spead and such. I really cant tell a good one from a terrible one when it comes to these :pfff:

    @RetiredCheif: Apperently some newer LiteOns are rebadged Optiarcs, and when this started their quality dropped. Heard anything of this? Are Optiarcs that bad?
  6. Have not Bought a DVRRW drive for a coulp of Years, My Last four drives in the Past Year have been 2 Blu-ray writers and 2 Blu-ray Rom/DVD drives. Bear in mind ALL DVD-R will have errors. Often A drive will "Like" one brand of Blanks over anothe. Problem you need a program to verify quality. I use Plex took. Nero CD speed will work on some drive (Some you have to go into the registry and remove the "BLOCKED").

    The $25 DVD drives often produce a quality equal to the 35/40 ones. As I said, I like the LG/Samsung/Pioneer models. Note, all brands seams to have their "Lemon" so read newegg reviews - Just add a grain of salt.
  7. There's not much difference in optical drives. They either work, or they don't. Some last longer than others, some read a little better than others. But that can be mostly luck of the draw. You may get one or the other that lasts for 5 years, while the next person picks the same one, and it's DOA.

    I've had pretty good luck with LG, Optiarcs, and Asus. I've had the worst luck with Pioneer. But that's just my experience.
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