Memory capacity and easy to overclock with 12gb

Hey guys, I am trying to put together a CAD 3d workstation build with asus p58xd prem./i930 and the goal is to overclock to 3.6-3.8. After doing some research it seems apparent that the more RAM you have the harder it is to have a stable overclock. it worth the extra RAM capacity for rendering/cad work to risk overclocking potential? Would I be better off with 6gb of fast/low latency RAM or 12GB of more value oriented RAM -Thanks
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  1. For a CAD setup you would be better off with 12 Gbs. What you aren't taking into consideration is that you can OC the cpu (giving you the best performance) and then lower the memory multiplier to run the ram at or below the rated speed so it's easier to stabilize.
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