Hard drive not running properly

I my western digital hard drive on the floor and now im try to copy my files on another hard drive. It copies a few files then gets stuck on one forever. Should I unplug the connectors in the hard drive case.
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  1. What did you do it? Was it dropped?

    Is this an External Hard Drive?

    If it's an External the converter inside of it may be moved a bit.

    Or worst case, the platters are messed up.

    I recommend chkdsk it then use
    Defragment it, thought that has nothing to do with it physically.
    Then if you want, use http://www.piriform.com/recuva to see if there is data problems. You can get the files you want with it too.

    Also, be careful with it, if you did drop it, there could be other underlying problems that i may be missing. Such as bent connectors, or a short.
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