Campus Party - Colombia 2010

Hi people.

The last week I was away from forum and here are the reasons. The Campus Party Colombia 2010.

What CPU we used? An Intel Core i5-655K

He is FUGGER the Xtremesystems owner

Winners of the OC contest:

What they won? An i7-920 plus a 5770 HAWK
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  1. Reserved
  2. What were the OC results?

    And, BTW, the MSI girls look hot!

    (I'm checking flights to Bogota!)
  3. For the i5-655k was 5.9GHz
    For the i7-980x was 6.6GHz with LN2

    This night I add more photos about the event and of course the girls ;)
  4. You the man!
  5. Yeah, I have a lot of pics and some friends give to me their photos :lol:

    I'm waiting to complete the thread for sticky it :)
  6. awesome stuff!

    that ram looks like it got a bit frosty =)
  7. Waiting with bated breath!
  8. The GPU is also frozen....
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