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I'll be buying a new computer in May and have been looking at a few things to buy ahead of time. I'm looking to make a budget computer (roughly $500) so nothing too fancy.

I found this combo deal on newegg and wanted to get the thoughts of people who know about PSU things.
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  1. Yes that's a great deal. Antec Earthwatts are very good PSUs.

    As long as you are just getting a budget card such as a 4670, it's enough power.
  2. By budget card I assume you mean something like this, in which case the answer is yes. Although, as I mentioned I wont actually being buying the "guts" (GPU, CPU, mobo) until May. That in mind do you see any reason why something along the same lines as the 4650 in May would require more power? (ie. same pricing as now but what is available in May)
  3. If I follow your line of thinking, you have to be careful. The cards vary on power needs, so say you could a 4850/4870 in May, they take more power.
  4. Best to finalize the PSU last--don't let the tail wag the dog. Prices will have fallen by then so your configuration will definitely be different at that price.
  5. Ask us what is good in May. That is not a very exciting price on a 430W. The Earthwatts is a good semi budget PSU, although I haven't seen a review since Delta became the OEM.
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