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Hi All,

I am very desperate, a few days ago i went to an internet cafe with files to upload on my facebook, the lady attendant asked to scan my external USB drive. After a while i sensed she was doing something wrong and i stopped her. When i went back home, i plugged it in my computer could access it but could not access the files. It produces a grinding sound, the white lead lights blinks endlessly. I had named the drive, but that name is not there anymore. Advise me, I am very scared, all my organisation files are here for the entire 2010. I backed it up abit. Brand name is WD 160GB. Kindly help me. Thank you!

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  1. In this case, I like to use a conservative approach. First, make a clone of this disk. Try Apricorn's software.

    Leave the original in a safe place and perform various means of files recovery on the cloned disk. This way, you will not lose everything.

    As a last resort, try professional files recovery services.

    Next time, make an external backup of important files, and store this external disk in a separate location (not alongside the computer).
  2. Thanks Ubrales for time and concern, how do i make a clone drive and how do i do the professional file recovery services? I am totally not a computer technician, I am just a user for a long time. Paid experts here it costs lots of dollars. Thank you for your help once again. Albert
  3. I did cloning by using Apricorn's software which is included in their product "Drivewire" -

    The cost is under $40. If you are unfamiliar with this type of work, then I suggest you read their manuals and ask for tech help from them. I found them to be quite helpful. Toll Free: 800.458.5448 - In San Diego: 858.513.2000

    Do you have a MicroCenter store near where you live? If so, they have free walk-in tech help which I found to be good. Take the drive there AFTER you make a clone of it.

    As I mentioned earlier, professional computer shops are the last resort because they are very expensive.
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