New i7 build, last minute opinions welcome

i7 920
6 gig G.skill kit (3 x 2 GB) DDR3 1600
GTX 280 (unsure if this is better than a 285)
Corsair 620W PSU
EVGA 132-BL-E758-A1 LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard

the rest is pretty standard

any input would be appreciated
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  1. Seems ok to me. What monitor do you have? and what rez do you plan to be gaming at?
  2. Are you planning to go SLI? Might need a beefier PSU then.
  3. The GTX 285 will be out the 15th, it will have the 55nm platform so it will run cooler and it will have a 10% performance increase over the 280 but the kicker is the price. It is speculated to be around $400.00 USD I am waiting till then to see, I would like to get 2 GTX 280's if they will come down in price a little more. They will be better in SLI than the GTX 295 in the benchmarks I've seen
  4. Corsair TX750 for one GTX 280, TX850 if you plan on SLI later.
  5. upgraded to the tx750, now I need to find a cpu liquid cooling unit, any suggestions?

    I dont need to liquid cool the chipset or video card. probably going for UV reactive radioactive green for a theme. I'll probably have black fans where needed so that only the inside of the case shines through. Looks better that way IMHO.


    I cant quite figure out what fans this case is using.

    they don't appear to be full on green LED fans, not bright enough.

  6. I'm pretty sure they are full on's just the ambient lighting that makes them appear dim.
  7. To be more specific, the shot was made with a wide aperture and ambient light only. The shutter speed was quite fast as a result and so captured the fans in a frozen, non-blurry way.
  8. makes total sense. I thought they looked a little too unique :B
  9. blacklist said:
    now I need to find a cpu liquid cooling unit, any suggestions?

    Anonymous said:
    I'll steer you to some more technical links, please spend a few days (DAYS) reading posts, searching, learning. Don't forget to look for your case with WC. Google your case and the word water-cool or some combination of that. WC stuff is larger than you think, I know from experience. WC setups done right are awesome and almost silent.

    Great place, not wayyy over the top with uber WC guys.
    Uber place, owned by one of the worlds winning OC guys in the world. Not a place to post or ask questions by noobs, but an awesome place to learn.
    Another good place to learn
    The best link to explain what parts you’ll need

    Great places to buy WC stuff [...] e&Itemid=1

    What ever you do DO NOT buy a pre assembled kit (esp. from Thermaltake). How ever kits like these:
    are OK.
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