How can usb recognized

how can recognized my sandisk usb
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  1. Explain more
  2. You will need to tell us what needs to recognize the sandisk.
  3. A common problem with USB drives on Windows is that the drive letter assigned to the device previously clashes with the drive letters already allocated on the PC into which the USB device was plugged. The solution is to go to the storage management console (right click on 'My Computer', then select 'Manage', 'Disk Management', find the device on the list in the right pane, click on it and allocate a 'free' drive letter (for example, if you plugged a USB stick that was setup to have drive E: into a PC that already used this drive letter for another device, it will not be 'recognized', but if you follow this procedure and assign it as drive G:, which is not used by any device, it will now appear).

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