4870X2 i7 Upgrade Warning

This is particular to anyone who has an i7 and a 4870X2, it seems that processor is not great with the GPU, I wanted to ask if anyone who this card has either seen any negative difference with the i7? I was looking at benchmarks of this card with a Q6600 and a bench with on an i7 platform and there is a drop in performance, quite significant in terms of min fps, please check out link and revert, you guys reckon drivers will fix it? 36 vs 15.

q6600: Please look at the ATI MIN FPS: http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/1696/9/gainward_rampage700_golden_sample_hd_4870_x2_on_steroids/index.html

i7: Now look at the same ATI card MIN FPS: http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/1674/9/palit_revolution_700_deluxe_hd_4870_x2_2gb_graphics_card/index.html

Am I missing something, please tell me if I am stupid! :)

Thanks for the help.
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  1. I have heard that ATI is not doing very well on X58 motherboards, i don't think that i7 is more to blame than X58. Also, if you notice that benchmark was run on a younger version of Far Cry 2, there has been at least one or two patches released since then, maybe this is part of it ? Also, unless you find other benchmarks with the exact same phenomenom it may be just a single flaw.
  2. Nah, there was an article about it on Anandtech, will try and link it.
  3. From what I can tell (looking at the test system and specs pages on both of the links you provided) the only difference between the two systems is the overclocked version of the 4870 X2 they're testing against the reference design and how one's using the 8.12 drivers (which includes the multi-core hotfix and significantly increases performance on this card) and the other's using the 8.11.

    Both are identical systems, both running a Core i7....?

    I think this just shows how much drivers can improve one's gaming experience.
  4. Hey, thanks for responding. Yeah, I know really stupid of me, but I eventually saw another benchmark, and this time made the effort to check the drivers, and that was definitely the common factor. Still parallel reviews between a 4870x2 and 295 are getting me so confused, and I am so tempted to splurge more and get the 295......
  5. Tom's has found the exact opposite to be true:

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