Coolermaster HAF 932 fan upgrade help?

Hello, I have a Coolermaster HAF 932. I want to replace all the fans to get the best airflow. I only have a $115-$130 Cad max budget.

I have an NZXT Sentry 2 fan controller which controls 5 fans @ 10 watts max per fan. Coolermaster 932 case has a spot on the Side for 4 120x25 mm fans, Top (3) 120x25mm fans, Back (1) 140x25mm fan , Bottom (1) 120x25mm fan, and a Front 230x30mm fan.

I have the i7 980x with the stock heatsink installed so I don't want airflow from the new fans to interfere with the heatsink cooling.

I need the listed fans to work with NZXT sentry 2 Fan Controller:

(5) 120x25mm led fans with best possible airflow and noise level is not a concern.

The other fans: (3) 120x25mm, (1) 140x25mm, and (1) 230x30mm led fan which will be plugged into the motherboard. My motherboard user guide says (4-pin CPU_FAN, 4-pin PWR_FAN, 4-pin CHA_FAN1-3, 4-pin OPT_FAN1-3) the fan connectors support cooling fans of 350 mA-2000 mA (24 W max.) or a total of 1 A-7 A (84 W max.) at +12V.

I just want to max the fans air cooling on this case, so please explain if anyone knows the best fan cooling combo for this case. Keep in mind I'm using the NZXT fan controller and I want to use the NZXT with 5 fans but I'm using a total of 10 fans in the case.
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  1. cbcteaser2

    I have the same case as u . if it was me I would look up what fans are compatable with the NZXT and go from there .

    I really dont understand why u used the stock cooler for ur 980x , the 980 just begs to be OC'd :) .

    Well anyways , i think 2-3 fans - still drawing in on the side and then 2 3-fans for the top drawing out .
    this will increase air flow into case and out of case . also, help on cooling gfx card , cpu , mobo and ram ..
    the front fan cools hdd and some air into the hot area . rear fan justs adds another out ..
    but , heat does 1 thing no mater what .. HEAT rises .. so instead of 2 on top put 3 120 fans there and 2 120 on the side ..
    this will allow air to pass thru case much more quikly and no hot air linguring in the case .

    Either way , air flow should be much improved .

    hope this helps ya
  2. Thanks but i dont know how to tell if the fans are compatible with the nzxt fan controller please help?

    I also would like 4 fans on the side. 4 fans will be safe and wont mess with the heat sink cooling?

    i just want the best airflow i can get with the previous listed fan sizes.
  3. I am not sure ( maybe someone knows better than me ) , but I would think if your pushing in more air than you can draw out . Your defeating airflow inside your case .
    This may cause a heat buildup because it cant let the air out/ cant be drawn off.

    Here is a page full of fans that can work with your NZXT :

    The only fan I have plugged into mobo is my cpu fan . The rest are directly connected to psu and runs wide open . my cpu is oc'd and got a evga 480 and the hottest my cpu has gotten is 42c , my card will heat upto 78 - 80c , only after playing crysis or BFBC2 for 3 or 4 hours . within 5 min of just idling my whole system is cooled off to it's normal 33 - 34c.

    which is what your fan controller does . is direct connect with a controller to control speed of fan .
  4. ok well i just purchased a rampage 3 extreme motherboard, i7 980x, his 5970 graphic card, 850w silent pro coolermaster psu and the nzxt sentry 2. When I run prime95 my cpu temp will max out at 73c with stock i7 980x at 3.33ghz with the included heatsink. the system is all working good but i need better airflow so i can add good custom filters and still get better cooling then i am now. What would you do without changing anything but the fans?
  5. I too have that case and also have my fans plugged into the psu. My case sits on the floor under my desk in the corner and in the summer, it will get very hot. I put a fan all the way in the corner and it's pointed up so it blows the hot air from under my desk. So far I haven't had to use it this year.
  6. Nice system you got there .. ,now i'm jealous u actually got a DAM good system :wahoo: , yea running prime does that to test ur system .
    if u didnt have decent air flow , believe me you would have seen alot higher temps than 73c .. bet Rogue would agree on that ... all u really need is a good cpu cooler to lower that temp. not only would it give your cpu a long life for u , but the rest of your system also ..
    You built yourself a very nice system , now it only needs the finishing touch .

    for what it would cost you to add 3 or 4 fans I would invest in a good CPU cooler . Is many of them tested here at tom's , as well as many other sites . 1 good thing is you got a case and mobo that most any cpu cooler will fit in and also has a very good backing plate for cooler .

    here is a recent cpu cooler article

    I have the thermalright ultra 120 extreme .. I installed and mounted the fan on the bottom side so it was pushing air thru the cooler up towards the top fan . this also gave me plenty of space for the ram and didnt interfer with anything ..
    Installing a cpu cooler will really help keep your cpu alot cooler than it is :)

    yea rogue , summer does have a tendency to heat things up some .
  7. Little bit of info for you.

    Just because a case can suppot 10+fans, dont mean you should use 10+fans in it.

    Think about a wind-tunnel, all the air is going from X > Y. and not X > Y > with a little of Z A and B.

    If you can, intake all the air from the front, and expell it from the rear. if you have alot of front intake (Antec 1200 for example), then expelling air from the top is also good.

    Adding fans on the side window of a chassis is mostly counter-productive and it interfears with the Y > X movement of air creating turbulance and not expelling the hot air from the chassis.

    It is best to have a negative pressure inside a case (more air out, than In) this way the hot air is not staying in the chassis for long, problem is, you then get dust filtering into the chassis that is not via a filter!

    This is alow why a East to West oriantation for a HSF is better, rather than a North to South or Front to Back in 99% of cases

    Murphys Law Indeed.
  8. The best looking fans imo are the aeromax appolish 120mm. I'm prob gonna get the coolermaster red led fans @ 120mm. only gonna replace the big side fan for the four smaller 120mm's. Gonna leave the bigger fan at the top. also have the same fan controller. gonna control the 4x120mm on the side and the 1x120mm on the bottom next to power supply.
  9. (Cygone) exactly how would you put the fans in the coolermaster haf 932? Thanks for your help.
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