System Overheating Issue?

Hey there, new guy here. :O)

I recently built a new system here, and I'm experiencing a problem where the system would keep shutting off. For a couple of days me and my roomie tried to see what the problem is, only for us to be stumped. Switched out power supplies and even did tons of troubleshooting, only to find that resetting CMOS and setting the "Failsafe Defaults" in the Bios got it working...

So we thought.

After about a few hours, the system does it again. I had a sneaky suspicion that it was overheating, so I downloaded a program to check the temperatures and behold; something was overheating. the question is, what is it? It is listed as "Temp 3", which really has me confused.

The CPU is at 26 degrees idle, the motherboard reads at 22 degrees idle, "CPU0" reads at 28 degrees idle, but Temp 3 reads at a whopping 105.0 degrees idle! (This is in Celsius, by the way). I also noticed that the "Aux voltage" was 0.54 to 0.72 volts,and I'm a bit wary of that.

MSI K9N2 Platinum motherboard
AMD Quad Core 2.5 ghz Phenom
2 GB G.skill RAM
500 GB hard drive
Antec 850 watt power supply

Any assistance would be so helpful.
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  1. Probably the Northbrige.
    Mine idles at 81ºC.
    I have not had any problems with that though.
  2. First try a BIOS flash (if you can find a stable one from MSI, ever), Get a case with better airflow, and an aftermarket heatsink.
  3. I actually found the issue.

    Temp3 is the Chipset. There is a heatsink on there, but it is mounted improperly. So the cooling is screwed up. I actually have to contact MSI as to how to fix that.

    (I'm quite disappointed that it was the case...)
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