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I made a copy of my old 40G hd with Paragon. Installed a 500G WD SATA and used Paragons boot disk to copy image to new drive. Should I have formatted the drive first? It now only shows 40G. Do I have to start all over again?
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  1. I did the same thing (cloning) on my laptop 40 GB disk to 250 GB disk using Apricorn's cloning disk and the cloning software did the formatting of the 250 GB disk and then cloned it.

    Later, I repeated this for my desktop. Cloned from 40 GB to 80 GB.

    In both instances, the full capacity of the drives were displayed and available.

    In your case, if the Paragon software did the cloning, it also should have formatted the new disk to the new disk's capacity (500 GB). Without formatting, how is it possible to write anything to it?

    Check by using the Control Panel ---> Administrative Tool ---> Computer Management ---> Storage ---> Disk Management
  2. I checked and it onlys shows 40G. I have tried to reformat the drive but have had no luck so far. I used an XP boot disk to try to reformat but it only shows the 40 thats on there. Have tried twice to reinstall from image but the same each time. I don't know what to do.. I would sure like to have the extra storage.
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