Enable hybrid crossfirex 780G and 3450HD

hi ,
i rescently bought hp pavillion dv5 1007ax notebook with 780G and ATI mobility radeon 3450HD gpu but i have no idea how to enable hybrid crossfirex.3200HD gpu is not showing in device manager.so is 'enable crossfirex' option in catalyst manager.should i install some driver or software,i have no idea.could anyone please tell me how to do it?
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  1. i also have this problem... yesterday i have c the manual of the motherboard it say hybrid crossfireX is only for Window Vista. i using Vista now. but i still cannot c any info about the crossfire enable.... haizzzz....
  2. I came to know that BIOs settings must be changed.but hp notebooks do not have relavant options.can anyone tell me how to access options of display adapter in bios?
    i mean is therre any other way to accesss bios in hp notebooks?
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