Windows 7 64 bit not getting wireless signal

I've been working on this for the past couple weeks searching all over the internet for solutions and I've come up empty so I decided to come here in hopes that someone can figure out my problem.

Basically, my windows 7 64 bit refuses to get a signal from my wireless adapter. Everything seems to work properly except for it cannot pick up a signal--although every once in a while one of my neighbors routers shows up but won't connect.

It's not the adapter/s. I started out with a wmp54g linksys, replaced it with a new one which had the exact same problem and then went out and even bought a netgear change.

It's not the drivers, I've literally tried every one I could find for both routers, including 64-bit betas for the netgear.

It's not the router itself, I have a laptop sitting virtually on top of the pc and it picks up 7-8 different signals, the PC doesn't see jack.

I'm not even sure that it's the OS itself considering several weeks ago it seemed to pick up signal just fine, then one day it just stopped.

I started out with Windows 7 64 bit RC but thinking that maybe if I installed the official release it might fix itself I formatted my hard drive and upgraded. No change.

I'm starting to think that I'll just have to go back to a 32 bit version of windows, which sucks considering 2gb of my ram will be useless but I need to have some type of internet access on my PC. wired, is not an option either since I'm on the bottom floor and the router is on the 3rd of my house.

Oh, and if it helps any if I set up an ad-hoc network on my laptop next to my pc I can connect to it, seemingly without problems which seems strange.

I'll be eternally grateful if someone can help me figure this out before I throw my PC out the window in frustration.
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  1. Could you have a Win 7 service not starting?
    Have you tried a different slot for the card?
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