Coolermaster hyper 212+ or coolermaster hyper N520


i'm wondering which cooler I should chose for my amd 1055T processor?
Which one is the most quiet and gives the best value for you money?
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  1. Value for money leader is the 212+ at $30. It performs very well and is actually not to loud unless you are heavily overclocking the CPU and need dual fans at max RPM to keep it cool. A single fan on auto would be quite quiet.

    The N520 is not a high performance cooler, but it is quieter. If you are running stock cpu speeds, the n520 will do a good, quiet job. If you plan to overclock, the 212+ will do a far better job.
  2. I'm not realy an overclocker so I'll stick with the hyper 212+
  3. The 212+ and the N520 is priced in Belgium. I just want the most quiet one that does the cooling.
    I want to put this in my pc:
    AMD AM3 Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8GHz BOX
    ASUS ATI 5850 Direct CU 1GB DDR5 voltage tweak ed.
    Kingston DDR3 4GB 1333MHz (2x2GB) CL9
    Antec true power 550W
    coolermaster 690 case
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