Biggest mid-towers?

What are some of the biggest mid-tower cases out there? more specifically in terms of depth and width.
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  1. Aford10 already explained in your other thread: "There is no size definition for full or mid tower. The manufacturer can decide how they want to classify them."

    You also already know from your other thread about the largest cases that for some inexplicable reason are sometimes classified as mid-tower cases when they probably should have been classified as full tower cases.

    You can check case dimensions in the specifications at manufacturer's web sites and vendor's web sites.

    Here is a link to 455 computer cases advertised as mid-tower cases:

    Here is a link to 115 computer cases advertised as full-tower cases:
  2. thanks. Seems odd how how mid-towers and full-towers are not officially classified. ahhh...I see. So I guess there is technically no such thing as an "big mid-tower" then. However would you recommend the NZXT Tempest? I read some reviews but some say different things. The main thing I am concerned is the built quality. How is the plastic? does it feel solid?
  3. The most popular mid-tower case with gamers and enthusiasts is the Antec Nine Hundred. It is Antec's all time best seller:
  4. Yea I looked into the Antec 900 and Antec 902. They seem to be really good cases with very nice build qualities and air flow; however I also noticed 10.5" GPU cards are the max compatibility. Though atm no "consumer" GPUs have cards more than 10.5" (my guess is in the future top-end cards will reach 11.5") I want a case that would be fairly futureproof and last me a couple years, which is why I'm looking for cases with a little more than 10.5".
  5. Have you checked out the Cosmos :D? Anyway cards like the 4870X2 and the GTX295 are probably as big as they will get anytime soon. More complex cards hurt profit margins you know. If you want something bigger then you may have to look into something like a chieftec case. They may not be pretty, but they sure are big cases ^_^
  6. If you want a case that is future proof, then you are back to square one. Get the CoolerMaster HAF 932 or Storm Sniper. Both can handle extended ATX motherboards, any video card made, any cpu heatsink made, and any power supply made for personal pc's. . There's plenty of room left over for even larger components in the future and water cooling is optional.
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