AMD Phenom II 955BE vs 965BE

I am about to built a new system for a friend, and have narrowed down the cpu to a 955 or a 965. Price difference is $20. I do plan to OC and want to reach around 3.8GHZ on air.

Basically what is the major difference between the 2 cpus? And is the 965 worth the extra $20 for a modest OC?
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  1. but since both are multipler unlocked....

    what I am asking is this, is the 965 a higher quality CPU? will it OC better than a 955? 3.8Hgz is a 600 mhz jump for a 955 but only a 400mhz jump for a 965.

    I am trying to keep as semi-budget build, thus I want to use the stock cooler with (arctic silver 5 though).
  2. the extra 200 mhz are not going to be noticed. Maybe if your lucky it OC's better, but the 955 will do quite well aswell.

    just get the 955, I see little point to go for the 965. Call me a hypocrite. (look below)
  3. If you are comparing both the 955 C3 and the 965 C3 then it's a no brainer to get the 955.
  4. 955 hands down. ESPECIALLY if you're using the stock cooler. Even if you find the 965 can go slightly higher (which is doubtful when you consider binning and things), you won't have the cooling to aid it. Basically, It's a crap shoot... but the price difference isn't worth it.

    EDIT: With the difference, you can buy something like this =]
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