I need help, my SSD harddrive is broken.

Hi there,

I love having a quiet laptop and with quiet I mean silent.
Not wanting a small screen I bought a Dell 12" (Still a bit too small in my humble opinion) and ordered a 1.8" SSD harddisk at memoryC.

After a couple of months of use the harddisk started to give bad block errors or whatever and has become so bad now that it's no longer usable. I cannot even reinstall an OS on it anymore.

So I have a couple of question.

Did I overheat the harddisk?
Should I return the harddisk to memoryC and ask for a new one?
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    If you think you put too much heat to the drive, you may have. Does the laptop get hot, especially where the drive is?

    And of-course you should try to exchange the drive.
  2. Yes, it did feel warm where the drive was. Not excessively hot, but hot enough to assume that overheating must have been the cause.

    How do I prevent this from happening again?
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