Vista SP1 vs SP2 RC Crysis:Warhead results

Interesting results...over all I've noticed SP2 to be faster, except for load times...and has 10% more power management efficiency is going to be a good thing for laptops:) with better wifi performance as well!!!!
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  1. I didnt even know there was a SP2 so close to release...odd. Anyways, the min FPS jump in Crysis is nice, but the rest of the results in the review are horrible, how could the results slip so much from SP1 even if this is an RC/Beta?
  2. its going add some features that might be valuable to everyday users, but to be honest I'm getting mighty sick of Microsoft's, win in 1 area and lose in the other approach, instead of showing better or exactly the same results.

    Example (this isn't true, its just an example)

    Xp loading and fps

    Vista loading and fps

    Vista will get better in loading lets say, and it won't atleast match xp in fps, it will get lower.. What I want is either the same speed or better:)
  3. SP1 and last years drivers helped with gaming performance, Vista is ahead of XP in FPS in like 9 out of 10 games. But sometimes it feels like no matter what hardware you put this thing on it just dosent want to get any "faster". Its like stuck in 3rd gear so to say.
  4. no i didn't mean the fps are actually low, its just an example, I just wanted to point out that vista always lost in atleast 1 area...the Network transfer speeds is still slower than XP's

    Thats what I meant:p
  5. Ahhhh guess I should have read your parenthesis :D
  6. hahaha
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