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Hello, I just received a blue scree with lots of info on it and not enough time to read it before the computer rebooted itself. I went into events manager and saw that the Service Control Manager had an error - ID 7023 version 5.2 Event_Service_Exit_Failed. I have no idea what this means. When I submitted the report to microsoft it said that the error report was corrupted. The error support I saw showed two temp files. Without the beginning location, they are in my directory and say \Temp\WERe791.dir00\Mini062111-01.dmp and Temp\WERe791.dir00\sysdata.xml Are those the corrupted error reports - what should I do with them - save? delete? How do I fix this problem? The only think I did yesterday was update Adobe Reader - I have now deleted that using add/delete software, and I am afraid to reboot.
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  1. Please disable automatic reboot after blue screen of death and then post error
  2. Thanks for your response, whatever it was, whatever caused it, it hasn't happened again, and I rebooted before I saw your response. I will keep it in mind if it ever happens again, though.

    Just FYI, I ran checkdisk and and memory test, and everything was fine. I panicked because this was the second computer in three weeks that had a problem (My less than 2 year old DV4-1220us is in a total crash condition and won't reboot at all - it gets power, the fans start up, the LED lights blink - the blink codes, if correct (question as to whether mine is a bios or EFT system) suggest it is CPU problem. Waiting on supplies to try to fix it. . . ) But this 7 year old laptop with the BSOD seems to be humming along fine now. Thanks.
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