Core i5 OC and P7P55D-E Evo

i have asus P7P55D-E Evo
with core i 5 650
i need the OC setting In the Bios To 4.1 Ghz
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  1. waiting reply
  2. come on
  3. Hey, Im working with the same Hardware, core i5 650 with P7P55D-E Pro board, maybe we can discuss. I am kind of stuck also

  4. increase Blck in the bios step by step (10 in the one step) and keep ur memory Fr between 1333 and 1450
    That up to 3.8GHz
    if temp is good then increase the Blck to 166 and dram Fr to 1550
    and cpu voltage to 1.2v and Ram
    and ram voltage 1.55v
    and then increse BLCK 10 in step untel 4.4Ghz

    that what i do
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