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Questions about and should I get a SSD

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July 16, 2010 6:08:21 PM

Currently I am running two WD Caviar Blue 500GB/7200RPM/16MS/blah blah blah. Currently in Warp Speed RPM….i wish :( 
Anyways, that seems to be the common setup. One for the system/partition and other for storage. I thought It is/was a great setup until the internet spoils me for the SSD. And I have a few questions about them.

1. Should I wait to buy one till there more perfected. Such as to see if they really last as long as they say they do and more features like the deleted data management thingy.
2. The reviews show benchmarks for ‘New and Used’ which I understand used is after data in most blocks have been used. How much does it really slow down? Does it affect writing, reading, or both?
3. And if I do decide to buy one, what brand is best to do the job. It seams as Intel has the best one. But OCZ and Kingston seams to just as good, if not worse.

I’ll be most likely be getting one with 40GB just as a boot drive and use the 500s as storage. My main uses are video editing and gaming. So I want something fast. (Although it wont be much fast if I have videos or the games installed on the storage.)
I’ve also looked at the hybrids. But I don’t know exactly what to think of them just yet.

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July 16, 2010 6:54:48 PM

I just built a new system with a intel x25 80gb g2 and I am very happy. Since you plan to drop it in a existing system I would hold off a bit... I hear that intel will come out with it's gen 3 drives before the end of the year. A price drop and better preformance is expected. also think about a bigger drive... can you fit your os apps and games all on 40gb?