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I have two external hard drives, and I want one to back up the other. I do desktop publishing work through indesign and I have about 300 gigs of images that I use on a daily basis and so I am always adding and removing images. I wanted to know the best way to keep a backup of the main external through the use of the 2nd external. I don't want it to be a compressed backup but actually a duplicate of the first hard drive and I want it done everyday once I am done working. Is there a software that creates and exact duplicate everyday such as knowing what files I deleted/added?
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  1. Acronis True Image is very good at doing what you want, it can be set to automaticly backup daily or other intervels. Backups can be full or incremental, slected files and folders or complete drive image.
    It's not free, but at $49.99USD, and would you believe it, they have it on special now at $29.99 for a limited time.
    Go to Acronis for more info. http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/trueimage/
  2. in all honestly i would not remove deleted files at the end of the day as you don't normaly notice you have mistakely deleted a file/folder untill 2 or 3 days later. Also if you were to do a full backup of your files every day on (assumption) usb2 the 300GB would take @ 5-6 hours.

    in which case I would use a batch file to copy the changed files and not remove the deleted items. then once a week you could remove all the deleted items (unless you like to keep everything).

    To do this assume the following USB drive 1=g: and usb drive 2=h:

    One off run the following Attrib +a g:\*.*

    then daliy run xcopy g:\*.* h:\*.* /e/ /m /y /o
    This will copy only the files which have changed since the last back up with NTFS ownership tags.

    cost = free
    time = first run 5-6 hous after that only time to copy changed files.
  3. Jonmor68: I was looking at acronis but it seems it creates its own backup format at every increment.

    Hollett: This seems like exactly what I want to do. Where am I running the script and for the first part, how does it know to copy drive 1 to drive 2 when drive 2 isn't listed in the script. Thanks for the help guys.
  4. Stupid question... wouldn't you be better on a mac?

    Plug in any external HDD, click 'Yes' and it will automatically backup everything every hour. Swap HDD's every day or use a free prog like chronosync to automatically 'sync' from external hdd1 to hdd2 at any scheduled time.

    I also want to ask why 2 backups? Just being safe i assume, if so are you keeping one backup in another location?

    I would use the one HDD permanently attached and then once a week bring the second in, and take it home the same day. The chance of your primary hdd and backup failing on the same day is very remote. The chance of fire or theft at a single location is quite reasonable.

    At work... time machine automatically backs up any mac connected to it (5 computers at this stage). Chronosync sync's my iMac to my macbook (essentially making them have the same data), every day, which i then take home. If i worked on anything overnight, chronosync makes sure the new data is magically where it should be on my iMac.
  5. I use to love macs but all my computers were pc so i had to keep everything together but its not 2 backups. I don't save any images on my pc, I save them on my hard drive. The 2nd hard drive is the back up to the first hard drive with all the images on it.
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