My new gamer build

Hi all :).
I'm making a new rigg ... and I'm sure i can have some nice advices from u. I will use it for games, and I will make a small overclock on it (3.60Ghz or something similar, low overclock).

-CPU: E8400 3.0Ghz 1333mhz 6mb dual core
-Motherboard: Gigabyte EP-UD3R
-RAM: Kingston DDR2-800 2Gb (2 of them) CL5
-GPU: Point of view GTX295 __ 1792MB GDDR3 896BITS
-HD: Seagate 1Tb SATA2 32Mb
-Tower: NZXH HUSH black silent
-TFT: 24" Acer x243W silver.

I got some problems or questions.

a- RAM, i must choose HyperX or ValueRam but they have the same price and specs CL5...
(but im not sure if sould take ValueRam or HiperX) Look similar and havesimilar specs, and similar price.

b- Mother ... I dont know if its better this one..., looks like dont have a lot of things UD3R have.

c- That PSU will be able to manege that big build??? gtx295 = gtx260 x2.

d- When u use a PSU of 750W with 85% eficiency... it means is a In 830W out 670W??? or its 750W in only 650 out???

e- The power suply u dont use isnt in power bill, is it??

f- XFX GTX295 is better than power color one???

Lol I put some stupid questions that i think i have the answer but I'm not sure... Im confused about PSU. Thanks everyone for your advise.
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  1. Lol I forgot ...
    G- Can I connect CPU/GPU and PSU to this ??
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