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My laptop gets an error when i try to delete my user account and it happens every time and it gives me two options when i click delete user they are delete files or keep files and i have tried using both of those two option, but i still receive an error report on it. I do not know what to do because it has never happened before on my laptop.
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  1. You can't delete your user account when you are logged on you need to use another account. What is the error message? Try rebooting to make sure files are not in use if you are deleting from another account? That other account have admin rights?
  2. Step one: create a new user account at the same location you are in to delete yours. MAKE SURE it has admin rights.

    Step two: log into the new account you created.

    Step three: delete your old account. Keeping files means your My Docs and what not will still be available to other users with admin rights.


    The question is why? I bet we could solve that and save you some trouble.
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