I have a 500gb hd, partitioned into C,D,E,F drives.

Been running XP on C: drive, & win7 on D: drive, with no problems.
That was till yesterday when I decided to do a fresh install of XP on the same C drive.

Now in Disk Management, its only showing C: drive (127gb healthy) & one 338gb drive (Unallocated).

Can anybody help me get my D,E & F drives back?,
they're the ones with my family photos & impotent documents on.

Hope you can help!
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  1. If they are important and never backed up, then you might have to send the disk to a data recovery service. You could try to perform the recovery yourself (using data recovery tools, but it could also make the disk unrecoverable).

    It's much safer to use one disk per OS. In addition, important files should always be backed up.
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