First time modder/oc'er need expert help

i bought my comp about two years to three years ago
i currently have a phenom 9500 2.2ghz cpu
Nettle3-GL8E motherboard with nvidia nforce 6100/6150 MCP chipset
4gbs of ddr2 pc2
nvidia-geforce 8500 gt all stock expect had to replace a faulty psu about year after buyin

well im looking to upgrade i just bought 8 gb of ddr2 pc2-8500
im probly going to buy the Geforce Gtx-480 a new prolly 800w psu
and a new aftermarket cooler for my cpu
now i was telling a friend who builds a my comp like every year he was telling me everything was good except my 2.2 ghz cpu might bottleneck the new parts performance he suggested to look in to overclocking the cpu
im really comp smart but i dont know a thing about the tech aspect
and i cant make heads or tails of the hundreds of posted ive read and answers ive gotten
now the only thing ive been about to find is this N-tune but i have read alot of people saying these programs suck for overclocking and you should do it in the bios but when i go into the bios i dont know how to get to the other others i had advanced and boot and everything but i cant get off the basic tab and i wouldn't know where to start or would be to afraid of messin something up
i really only want to overclock to like 2.5 if stable and could really use some advice

if any addition info is needed plz just say i will post back ASAP
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  1. Here's a good guide to get started:,2161.html

    I would download the latest version of AMD overdrive to assist with overclocking.

    For a single GTX 480 a 600 Watt PSU would be adequate, but I recommend getting a good one. Look for quality units from Corsair or Antec.

    That older CPU is a bit outdated, if I was doing an upgrade I would invest in a newer CPU. The athlon II X3 cpu's are good gamers and a decent price. However you might consider a PH II X2 for about the same price, $80.

    It is a black edition, so overclocking is easy, just change the multiplier and you could likely hit 3.4-3.6Ghz without any other adjustments.

    The best one available for am2+ is the PHII x4 940. It can hit 3.6 Ghz w/o additional voltage, just a quick multiplier change is the bios and your set. Newegg has the oem (withoout cooler) for $117. dam good deal in my opinion. I am unsure if you mobo can handle 125W CPU's however.

    You won't get a 500MHZ overclock with your current cpu, but I think you might hit 2.5Ghz.
  2. I hate to be the barer of bad news, but the Nettle3-GL8E is an HP/Compaq Mother Board and is going to be extremely limited as far as OverClockability. The BIOS is pretty restricted as far as being able to make adjustments to increase over-all speed. There are soft-ware programs that can be used, but the draw-back is that if you implement 1 and things go wrong they're hard to get around and get back to up and running.

    Now we come to the Ph 9500, which is not known for it's over-stock performance (doesn't OC all that well).

    My best advise would be to keep what you have!!! Do some research over the next month or so to make sure your money is well spent on a new Platform (be it AMD or Intel).

    Now that being said you could still invest in a GTX 480 (and yes it will be bottle-necked) that gives you something to build around and not wipe-out your savings all at once.
  3. ok thx alot uncle i think im going to just hold off on getting the ram then just get the gtx 480 and then but a new platform

    i wanted to build my last comp by when doing some research at circuit city >instore< to see what the rig were runnin they had this comp open box $500 and i couldn't turn it down at the time

    but i now want to build my own custom but nothing to crazy or costly
    what mobo and process would you recommend to someone trying to learn to Oc both the CPU GPU AND RAMM and would you recommend ddr2 to ddr3 because i was going to run 8gbz of ddr2 pc2-8500 and a friend told me that would be a good selecting so any advice would be great since im goin to have to do alot of research over the next month
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