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This may be a very silly question but when I overclock the x6 1090T do I need to change the CPU VID? I dont understand what its for and what effect it has on overclocking.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    All depends of the frequency that u want get. The CPU VID is the voltage that ur CPU use and u can rise or drop that value according to ur needs.
  2. To add to saints answer you want to run it as low as you can to get less heat and a longer processor life but you may/will need to raise it to get stability at higher clocks.
  3. Thanks guys. So from what I am getting is the CPU Vid is basically the same as the cpu vcore? I remember turning the cpu vid back down to 1.3 on a 3.8ghz OC and I got a blue screen and PC rebooted itself.
  4. Yeah but for 3.8GHz u need at least 1.4V since the CPU needs more power to be stable at that frequency. Remember that OC process is test and fault.
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