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Looking to upgrade my nvidia card, I have a pny geforce9500gt pci-e, what card should I get for under $180?
my computer is a compaq sr5710f
athlon x2 4450e at 2.3 ghz each
3 gig of pc800 ddr2
250 gig har drive
160 gig usb 2.0 hard drive
psu is a antec 500watt basiq with 2 12volt rails at 18a each

so what good a 9800gt

all are on sale under 180 at newegg and tigerdirect.
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  1. when I checked nvidia's page it did a 3dmark test and my score now is 4500, with a 9800gt itll be a 8400, and the 9800gtx will be the same they say
  2. Save some money and go with a cheaper / better card for less: Sapphire 4850 $144.99
  3. but the geforce is what I like, they seem to be better with physics and all
  4. I have a similar system. E6600 C2D. I went from a 7950GX2 to this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121284

    It runs cool; went from 8K to 11K on 3D Mark 06. Seems like a good match for my CPU. I'm happy with it.
  5. If you're worrying about physX not working with ATI cards, there are people who have successfully ported PhysX so that it could work on ATI cards as well.
  6. i appreciated your help with choosing, but just got word that my lil wife just ordered a zotac nvidia 9800gt overclocked, it has good ratings from pcworld and some people on the forums, so later on ill try the ati again, I just had a bad time with ati hd2600xt and upgraded to this computer. so thank you for the advice, Hopefully she made the right choice for me as a present for valentines day. thanks guys
  7. GPU for valentines! Enjoy man.
  8. thank you, her and her uncle that does programs was watching what I was looking for and they were told by a few places like you guys here said that zotac was a darn good company and has lifetime warrenties and excellent customer care. so they saw I wanted a 9800gt and got one for 104.99
  9. Man, thats the kind of present every geek guy would want. Even if its not the card you really wanted, huge props to the thought that counts!
  10. The ati 4830 is the best for your system and also for your money. trust me! the 9800 gt is too much
  11. well next time ill get the 4800 series but the wife bought me a zotac overclocked 9800gt for 100 dollars last week, and it works great and runs awsome, running crysis at the highest settings.also the zotac has a lifetime warrenty and also looks great glowing orange/yellow.my 3d score is at 8100 from 4400 with the gforce 9500gt.
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