Opinions on my Tornado Cooling Setup

Alright, so ive always been more of a software guy but I built my system a few years ago, and changed parts in and out through the years. One thing I have never focused on is cooling, and I am putting together what I think should be the ultimate cooling setup with air.

My current case is...

Right now I just have the 2 default 80mm fans in it (the one on top and in the back). They are the ones that come with the case, and they push about 25CFM which seems to be very little.

The plan is to do...
1) 2 80mm fans in the front to serve as an intake. (In the space that is setup for them but doesnt come with fans there)
2) 1 80mm fan on the top as an exhaust.
3) 1 120mm fan in the rear as an exhaust.

I found these fans on newegg, they are the ones I found that push the absolute highest CFM.
120mm fan
80mm fans

So with that setup, I would have 2 80mm intake fans at 85CFM each, 1 80mm exhaust fan at 85CFM, and 1 120mm exhaust fan at 190CFM.

In addition to that I have had a pci slot fan in my case for ages. Right now I have it under my video card blowing upwards on to the card, but I cant decide if I should just get rid of it with this setup, or if I could possibly use it to compliment the setup.

Also, the plastic window panel on the side of the case comes with a air duct on it from the factory. I replaced the air duct with one of the crappy little stock fans, but im assuming putting the air duct back on it with those monster fans would be best.

Anyways, thanks for any input you guys can give me. I am aware its going to sound like a jet engine and I have no problem with that, I just want extremely good air cooling.
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  1. the air duct will only be of any use with the stock CPU cooler which I'm assuming you'll be replacing.

    What CPU HSF you got/getting? What sort of setup will this case be housing?
  2. Yeah, I dont have the stock HSF on there, I have an e8400 with this HSF...

    Its a gaming/media setup, used both for intense gaming as well as doing a lot of video editing. Exact specs are 2 western digital 500gb HDDs, Asus p5b-e mobo, 4GB Ram, 500w PSU, EVGA 8800GT, and so on.

    Its nothing overly intense setup wise, I just want to keep it extremely cool as my house tends to become a sauna in the spring/summer months. After reading more reviews on those fans and even finding a few videos, they do seem a bit excessive on the sound level.

    Considering I have room for 2 80mm intake fans (3 if I use the duct space as an intake as well) and room for 1 80mm exhaust and 1 120mm exhaust, I suppose I could go with something a bit less audible and powerful.

    Any suggestions on 80mm fans probably more around the 40-60CFM range that arent defeaning?
  3. scythe are a popular choice of fans.
  4. Also don't forget Noctua!!
  5. pick a scythe ultra kaze 3000, itz a bad ass fan pulls out more than 120CFM
  6. Make sure you hook those up to the included fan controller for your case.

    I have had three tornado's in my case and its unbearable without a controller or blasting your speakers constantly.

    Also get dust filters for the intake fans.

    The vantec tornado fans are probably too thick to fit in the front of the case, you would have to mount them on the side, back or top.
    Their 38mm thick vs the standard 25mm.
  7. Awesome, thanks for the help and the suggestions guys. Couple quick questions that came up were...

    1) I put my hand on both sides of the fans currently running in the computer and I cannot for the life of me tell which way they are blowing. I am assuming from the factory the rear and top fans are set as exhaust, but it feels like they are blowing air harder inside the case than when I put my hand over them outside of the case. Is there anyway to tell what direction these are set to blow?

    2) My slot fan at the moment is in the bottom of the pci slots, and blowing upwards onto the graphics card. Is this fine or when I install these new fans should I take it out. Just wondering if it will disrupt the airflow at all.

    3) The front of my case has a door on it with guages and what not, and the place for the 2 front fans is behind it. Am I going to need to take the door off for those front fans to work properly or am I missing something?
  8. N i c e s e t u p m a n ! I l o v e i t! T h o s e f a n s p r o l l y p u l l a l o t or a i r ?
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