Dell Latitude CPx Ram Error.

I truly hope someone can help me out on this and if you need more info, just ask. So thanks in advance for your help.

This laptop came with two 128mb sticks totaling at 256mb. One day the laptop became increasingly slow and this message popped up during boot up... "Memory Read-write failure at 10000000, read 00EF00EE, expeting 00EF00EF. Decreasing available memory", and when I checked the memory it only read 128mb.
I thought the memory stick in slot B had died so I decided to upgrade to 512mb with two sticks of 256mb.
I just got the sticks that I bought on eBay and plug them in. The same thing is going on.
So I tested the new sticks AND the old ones with slot A. They all work fine, it’s the freaging slot B that is either dead or in error.

Anyone knows how to fix this or is it even possible to change the ram socket on the motherboard?
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  1. Hey inlifex, it's probably your laptop motherboard. Unfortunately, I don't think Dell would be willing to replace only the RAM socket—the entire mobo has to go. So I suggest you save up for a new laptop, as replacement laptop motherboards are too expensive to be worth your while.

    My $0.02 :)
  2. Crud... o well, thanks for your help.
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