XP says that my keyboard driver cannot be loaded

Hi All,

I have a strange problem with an XP PC, as follows: This machine was fine until a Spyware Doctor update today, after which the PS2 keyboard failed to be 'seen' at boot-up. The hardware manager has the usual exclamation mark beside it and says that it can't load the driver (Code 39) and that it might be corrupt. I then tried a USB keyboard, with the same result! (Code 39). The machine is otherwise OK, but the keyboard is totally useless. Is this a case for the re-installation of XP, or is there a less time consuming solution?

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  1. ok,

    You could go to Device Manager >> Universal Serial Bus Controllers >> there is you will see the all USB Devices Drivers Right Click on every Device and Click on Uninstall then Restart you Computer.

    then automatically it'll take all USB Devices Drivers.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion - it might be worth a try, but the fact that the PS2 input also failed, seems to eliminate a USB driver problem. It looks more like a fundamental operating system issue to me. Do you agree?
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