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I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 notebook that I bought 2nd hand about 6 months ago and it's running Windows XP, SP3. The original hard drive was only 73G, so I upgraded to a Western Digital 320G drive about 3 month ago and it has been working fine until just yesterday when I turned the notebook on and would not boot up properly. It starts to boot up with the Windows logo coming up and then the option to F2 or F12 on that screen comes up normally and then there's a sudden blue screen that flashes for a split second, not fast enough for me to read what's on the screen, and then I get a black screen with just cursor that I cannot do anything from. I've powered it off and on several times, and have taken our the battery and put it back in and booted and that still runs the same series to the black screen. I have tried a few times the F2 and F12 options and can get into those screens normally, the F2 allows me into the setup screen properly but when I choose F12 I go into that screen and none of the options work. I can't even get it to go into safemode.

I've run the Dell diagnostic bootable disk and all the tests on that passed. I've since switched back to the old 73G hard drive and that's working fine, I'm typing from the computer with that drive now... So any ideas what's going on? I'm thinking it might be a virus that is preventing the proper boot on that new hard drive? Is there any bootable program I can put on disc then try to run with the new drive that might sort this out for me?

Ideas please!
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  1. Try getting into recovery console by using the windows install disc and run chkdisk /F
    and while in there do a fixmbr and fixboot

    Run chkdsk first.
    It will take awhile to finish, so be patient.

    If those 3 things do not fix it, tell us.

    Oh yea, also if you put the new drive into your system as a secondary disk navigate to Windows\Minidump\ and give us the Minidump file that is most recent, if more than 1 exists...

    That will tell us what the BSOD said.
  2. Hello!

    I ran the Chkdisk and the fixmbr and fixboot but still end up back at the black screen with the flashing cursor... Any other ideas?
  3. Can you get us the Miniboot file?

    Then we can find the problem and work towards a fix.
  4. Sorry, I'm not exactly sure how to, "put the new drive into your system as a secondary disk", but I'll try to find some info on accomplishing this over the upcoming weekend and see what I can get back to you folks. Thanks for sticking with me on this...

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