Kingwin power supply

Hello guys which one of these power units would be best for my set up ..

OCZ Fatal1ty 700w Silent SLI Ready ATX2
Antec TruePower New Modular 650W
Corsair TX 650W ATX SLi
Kingwin ABT-900MA1S 900Watt Quad SLI

and my set up is

gigabyte ga-m750sli-ds4
phenom 940 x4
geforce 9800gtx+ x 2 for sli
coolmaster v8 cpu cooler
thermaltake spedo advance case with 8 fans
hitachi 500gb hard drive
liteon dvd burner
ocz 4gb memory
thank you for any advice
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  1. Corsair or Antec

    Their build quality and performance is better than the other 2 listed
  2. The Antec or the Corsair. I'd go with the Corsair.
  3. +1 what Silverio77 and megamanx00 said!

    Corsair power supplies are high quality units with a reputation for stability and reliability.

    The Antec Earthwatts series of power supplies have been getting very good technical reviews also. Antec has several different series available and they are not all equal. The Earthwatts series appears to be their best line.
  4. Jonny, thats not the Earthwatts lol (no problem)

    Its the "New" Truepower series. Jonnyguru did a review on it and did very well....seasonic built
  5. Silverion77 - OOPS! Haven't read the Truepower New 750 review yet. Only read the Earthwatts reviews. Too much stuff to try and keep up with!!!

    Just read it. Looks good. Wonder if the Antec TruePower New Modular 650W the OP mentioned is just as good.
  6. I assume so...

    I mean, the 850 sig is the same as the 650 and i dont think theyd change the OEM for the same line.
    They take the same OEM design, just for different wattage
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