CdRom FREEZE at Os Instalation??

I just bought new hardware to build my own pc. Im using a Asus P7p55d-e Motherboard, with corsair dominator ram, a caviar black 1tb western digital, xfx 5770 ati radeon, i5 750 and im using my old Lg cdrom who never failed me before.
My new computer boot up I can acces the bios, the bios see my cdrom connect my hard drive to, everything perfect.
So i put w7 cd, boot the computer with the cdrom and its loading files i can hear the cdrom running, just after the cdrom stop running and the loading freeze i need to reboot the cpu, i tried with a other cd of w7 i tried vista the cdrom always freeze.
Any idea,
Thanks in advance.
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    If it's a CD drive, you probably need a DVD drive, if your install discs are DVDs.

    The freezing may be a problem with the RAM voltage settings.
  2. Thanks for your answer.
    Im sure my cd-Rom drive takes DVD, the instalation of the Os start I can see the windows logo starting up.
    The ram voltage is the only thing I can see right now, ill try to figure out something, where can i see the good voltage for my ram? I have corsair dominator xms3 2x2 gb.
    Thanks alot.
  3. Search for your model of Dominators. There are several different models.

    Here's what's available at newegg. Check out the voltage and timings that are listed. You'll want to find your exact model, and set the BIOS to those settings.
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  5. Thanks alot aford10, its was a ram problem one was not well place, so i just replace those and its working!
  6. Good to hear....thanx for the vote :)
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