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Doing video editing on a system with 2 x amd 2212, 10G or ram (667) and would like to install 2 video cards for output on 4 monitors, which 2 video cards would you puchase with only $200 to spend?
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  1. HD4650.
  2. Personally I wouldn't have bothered with 2 cards and went with 1 4850 X2 for that. But now that Nvidia has transcoding and video encoding on their GPUs, you might want to look into it. I haven't researched it personally but I heard that it has its benefits:)

    I would grab 2 9600 GTs ( I think i saw 1 with 2 dvi outputs). or if you really want to save money, the 9500 GT or 9400 GT has the options:)
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