Need some help picking right PSU


just wanted to see what you guys think, do I need 1000 watts or can I get away with 850.

I plan to get a nvidia 285 (when prices drop down the road I might get 1 more and thats causing the whole problem. Right now I have 2 7500 rpm hds plan to get 1 raptor (300 gig) and maybe another later. 4 or 6 gigs of ddr3 mem. Asus p6t delux v2. Maybe some kind of video capture card so I can build a dvr out of the pc. Thats about it.

I called corsair and they told me that for 1 285 and 3 hd I can get away with less then 850 more like 600 range but on the other hand the guys said i'll need 1000watts if I got with 2 285s and 4 hds.

Would you guys say I can get away with a 850 in the worst case scenerio mentioned above? or do i really need 1k (prob is 2k is sooo much more expensive)

reguarless, what PSU manufacturer would you guys recommend?

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  1. 850tx +1 or a good enough split railed 850-100w.
  2. fullmetall said:
    850tx +1 or a good enough split railed 850-100w.

    Sorry but I dont understand the "railed" part, can u please explain.

    Yeah Iv been told that with one 285 I can get away with 650 watts but for 2 I will need 1000.

    Whats do you guys think of Antec PSUs?

  3. sebastian869 said:
    Whats do you guys think of Antec PSUs?

    Second only to Corsair.
  4. sebastian869 said:

    Whats do you guys think of Antec PSU's ?

    The build quality and DC output of the Signature 850 can't be beat, the Quadro also gets high marks, but for the price the Corsair 850 is hard to pass on.
  5. Railed means, split 12v Rails. Usually only really looked upon on the 1000w+
  6. So seems like everyone agrees the antec is the best to go with. I spoke to their tech support and the guy was honest, told me not to go with the "EarthWatts" line.
    I just cant decide weather to go with the 1k watts (and get another 285 later) or the 650 and stay with the single 285. What really sucks is the price difference between the 1k and 650.

    Also, it sucks that the TruePower Quattro 1k is not modular.
    I'm trying to think of it in such a way that im going to replace this new comp in like 3-4 years anyways so(and it will be probably 1 year before I can get the second 285) Id only have this boost for 2-3 years. I guess then the question is if its worth tthe 200 bucks extra (and the second 285 down the road) for 2 or 3 years of performance boost.
  7. I wouldnt bother getting the 1k Quattro. Its exactly like the 850 but overrated and does not perform as well as its little brother. They basically took the same thing and beefed it up the extra 150 watts.

    If looking for a 1k, look at hte Corsair HX 1000
  8. Look dude... all you really need to think of when buying a power supply is the video card. You could run a ton of HDD's, RAM, video capture, TV tuner, Core i7 and Rampage 2 Extreme motherboard with around 400w. With 2 GTX 285's you'll need 100w. Get the Ultra 100w... it's modular and has all the leads you will need for a VERY long time.
  9. ok 1) its a 1000w
    2) the Ultra X3 is an outdated design by todays 1000w offerings
    3) SLI GTX285s do not need that much power and the OPs not even sure if hes doing SLI

    I mean ive heard of Nvidia, ATI, Intel and AMD fanboys...but never an Ultra fanboy
  10. The Corsair hx 1000w seems pretty descent if your looking at 2 285's
  11. so which 1000 watts PSU is best. Heard a lot about corsair. Any of them modular?
  12. 1000watt?

    Gets u the HX1000 (modular) which is very good and efficient
    Enermax Revolution 1050 (modular) slightly better than the Corsair but more $$$
    Thermaltake 1000watt...same build as the Corsair
    Theres also the BFG EX1200...theres no full reviews ive seen yet, but its supposedly very good and great on ur wallet for it
  13. Would defenately not go with enermax. hx corsair 1000w should be fine on 2 split 40a's. which would probably run 1 of those rails on the card(s) and the rest (40a) on the rig.
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