Custom painting a pc case?

Hello everyone!

I wanted to paint my old beige pc case but having never painted anything in my life, except perhaps a few drawings in elementary school, I'm not sure how I should do it. I came across a few tutorials on the web, but they mostly deal with reflective paint jobs and I just wanted a matte finish. Is it just a matter of sanding the panels and applying a few coats of spray paint, or is there more to it? And will any paint do the work or must I look for specific attributes and properties?

And there's also something that bothers me; what if I want to have more than plain color and canvased shapes painted on my case [edit: like actual drawings on the case, like kanjis or characters]? Is there a way to directly paint to the case, in a more traditional way, which would give the same job than with spray and won't peel off after some time?

Thanks in advance for your answers!
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  1. A matte finish on a metal case should be easy enough. A good brand of paint such as Krylon or Rustoleum should stick well enough and be easy to apply. You will want to do good preparation- lightly sand your case with fine sandpaper, and clean off any oil or grease. Buy a paint for the right finish and be careful when you apply it. If you wanted a glossy finish it would be harder to apply but not impossible. You will want to get good results so I would recommend getting an extra can of paint and practicing before you spray the case. Get some soft drink cans or something like that and practice painting them first.
  2. Also, I tried this once, get a good quality paint, also look into a clear coat for a brighter finish, but also to protect the paint underneath so it does not get tore up with every little nick and ding.
  3. Thanks for the response! But I still don't know if there's a way to paint precise stuff, I don't want to use stickers, they stick out (no pun intended) and just look ugly.

    Also, should I use the same paint on the plastic front cover?
  4. ^ You will need to create a template to paint logos. Or airbrush.

    Imo, the paint that works the best are the auto motive spray paints.
    The best brand I have used is DupliColor ( ) comes in many colors and they have a good reputation in the hot rod crowd. And the coating is quite durable. As mentioned before consider putting in a clear coat.
  5. Okay, that was helpful. I'll assume I can use the same paint for the plastic front. But what kind of clear coat should I use?
  6. They actually sell it in a spray can. It may not be perfect, but will help harden the finish. Also if you have a garage to do it in, this would be good so you don't get bugs or anything landing in your fresh paint as it dries.
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