Is there a 2TB hard drive that will work with a DDR2 PC

I bought a WD 2 TB 'Green' drive, and wanted to use it as a second drive in what I call my UBBER GAME SYSTEM:
Intel Core Quad
DDR2 Ram (best at the time)
2 ATI 3800 series Vid-cards.
I took system and drive to a 'pro', and he could not get system to 'see' more than 1 TB.
WD said that they actually released the drive "... a bit early". and that my system needed to have DDR3 ram installed.
I am going to have new system built and use old one just for flight sim.
Any one else have this happen?
Any one know of a 2 TB drive that will do good out-of-the-box?
Thank you.

Michel J. Gaudet
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  1. If anything you need a BIOS update (if available), the RAM type will make no differance to the size of HD the system can detect, also you can't use DDR3 in a DDR2 MoBo unless the MoBo supports DDR3.
  2. What's the motherboard make and model, please?

    > I took system and drive to a 'pro', and he could not get system to 'see' more than 1 TB.

    He should have tried it on a different system, before giving up;
    that would have isolated a problem with your BIOS, as
    MrLinux wisely suggests above.

    p.s. I usually hire Pros without the 'quotation' marks :)

  3. Best answer
    Did WD actually tell you this, or is this what the "pro" said WD said? I find this extraordinary.
  4. You did not mention the motherboard/BIOS DDR2 and DDR3 are not the problem. How you set up the drive in the BIOS is the problem. You also need to load the correct Microsoft Driver. If your operating system came with the machine? Don't use their recovery disk (whatever recovery) they had. You need to partition the drive new. Microsoft puts drivers asleep if they are not used (turned off) Set the BIOS for AHCI not IDE or not RAID if you don't have an independent selection for this option; you won't get the drive installed for the full 2TB. Contact the motherboard manufacturer see if their is BIOS upgrade. If there is install it then install your new drive. BOOT and start installing your operating system (clean install) don't use any disk or disks the OEM designed. Clean install.
  5. No not really,... AHCI is a better way to install and read a SATA drive including these new large capacity drives, rather than using the standard MBR method. I am however a die-hard WD hard drive end user. The Black Editions are my favorite hard drive, having purchased many choice 3gbs/6gbs/SATA hard drives, faster they spin the better. You will pay a few dollars more in costs, but you never know when they're operating, that's how quiet they are tucked away in the dusty computer case. Do a search at Microsoft for their AHCI driver instructions you'll find complete instructions on how to turn on their AHCI driver in the System Registry. I think a lot of people are having trouble by using other second party storage drivers; therefore they too should check out the article and instructions; which is not difficult to accomplish, simply a modification of changing "0 to 1" Amazing technologies we have today, very amazing for sure.
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