Very slow DVD/CD RW drive

It takes literally a couple of minutes for the drive to recognize I have a disc in there, and for the disc's icon to appear on the drive in 'My Computer'.
During the time I put the disc in and it shows up on the computer, the drive will make loud reading sounds and lag up the whole computer - the green light of the drive also lights up at the front.

Under device manager, it says I have these installed:
elby clonedrive scsi cdrom device
lite-on dvdrw lh-20a1p ata device

even though it is one single dvd/cd drive.

I have the dvd/cd drive connected by ide cable with my hd, and a 2nd hd connected with a sata adapter.
What could be the problem?
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  1. Junk the ide drives, or atleast make the HDD the master.
  2. What's your CPU?

    There's really no speed difference between IDE and SATA optical drives, as the read speeds don't saturate either cables' speed.
  3. I'm running a dual core intel with a 512 hd gddr3, so I'm thinking the specs shouldn't be a problem.
    Will confirm in bios, but I believe the OS HDD is currently master.
  4. There are many dual core intels. Which model? 512 what? MB of RAM? What OS are you running?
  5. The lens inside your drive may be getting weak.. Time for a new drive i guess..
  6. The laser usually either reads the disc or it doesn't. It still recognizes the disc, it just takes a while. That's why I'm wondering what the rest of the hardware is. If it's 512mb of RAM, and a low end CPU, that's for sure the reason.
  7. Well i had a dvd writer at the time i had a single core CPU and 512 MB of RAM (DDR BTW).. I am still using that drive with my upgraded rig comprising of a C2D and 4 gigs of RAM (DDR2) and haven't noticed any performance difference.. IMO if there is problem reading or seeking the disc then its a problem with either the drive or the media and in very rare case, a virus or OS/software issue causing the drive to under perform..
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