Alright i'm really confused about upgradeing my computer.

OK i'm looking to upgrade my HP a6109n computer. But their are a lot of things that are getting me. So i really want to game on this thing but my processor is crap and i need a video card. I have been looking around and I think i have found all i need but i still don't know. See i found this video card I found this processor (which if you didn't look up this computer that i'm trying to upgrade is the best that my board can take) and the RAM which agian is the best the board can take .now (if you looked all that up you maybe able to help me) the things that are getting me is i don't know how strong of a power supply i need and will that card fit in my case and will I be able to keep it cool in the case. (and just cause i want to know will any power supply fit into any case? haha and will this be able to play games like call of duty 5?) So can you please please help me.
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  1. You should be able to play cod5 on it, not on high settings though.

    PSU, need to find out which it is.

    gb, you should be able to get 4gb of ram, look for 2x2gb.
  2. That video card is ridiculously overpriced, fairly standard for Best Buy. Get an HD4830 (not from Best Buy), same performance for much less.
  3. You can get a XFX 9800GT at Newegg for only 129.00 after MIR
    Athlon X2 5600+ 79.00 BUT with free shipping
    The Ram is good, nice choice.
  4. Here is the page for your computer specs

    It can handle a Dual Core Athlon64 X2 up to 89watts.
  5. Axeon said:
    You can get a XFX 9800GT at Newegg for only 129.00 after MIR

    Or an HD4830 for only $72AR.
  6. I doubt that case can take a double height GPU. Plus isn't a 9800GT better than a 4830 for gaming? I mean if your going ATI atleast go with a 4850 lol.
  7. I believe your PSU is only 300 watt. That is going to seriously limit your video card choice.
    I have seen a lot of posts here lately about folks wanting to upgrade their HP, Dell, or other weak pre-build for gaming. It's a tough road to go. Prebuilds are not upgrade friendly. As others recently found out, even sometimes a simple processor upgrade that "should" work, does not. Faster video cards, either simply won't fit, or the PSU is not strong enough to run them. Trying to change PSU's can then become a pain, because the connectors are propriotory. Just any PSU won't work with the board.
    If you do decide to go ahead and shoot the moon for a complete barebones rebuild, (motherboard, CPU, GPU, case, PSU) carry your old drives and spare parts over, then your OEM OS won't work with your new build. *sigh*
    It is far better to not buy into the cheap prebuild scenerio in the first place if you want to a be a gamer, and an upgrader.
  8. Where the hell is this BS about OEM OSes not transferring comming from? You may have to track down a non-OEM install disk, but your license will move just fine. Ive only owned one copy of Windows XP, came with a Gateway laptop I bought in 2002. That licence has been used on no less than 5 PCs since then, never a problem beyond having to phone activate a couple times.
  9. um, no the 9800gt is not way better than a 4830. A 9800gtx+ is better but, not by much. Cost is way more to for a little percentage more isnt worth it.
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