Help Overclocking i7-930 on DFI T3H6 MOBO

Hey guys and gals I am a New owner of a DFI Lanparty Jr T3H6 and I love it. I bought it with overclocking in mind yet can't manage to figure out the bios. I am a bit of a noob at this DFI game, I have only OCed a Q6600 on a gigabyte board but that was easy. I'm having a hard time finding good resources on the net regarding DFI boards and Overclocks for i7-930's.

The Bios names things differently than what appears to be the industry standard. If there is anyone out there with the same combo that could lend a hand it would be MUCH appreciated. Also, FYI I have a Corsair H50 liquid cooler that has prime95 load temps of roughly 57 degrees and it idles at around 35 degrees.
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  1. Well I dove into the BIOS and tried a few things that I recognized and a few I made and educated guess. Vcore isn't called Vcore, confusing.

    So I have a stable clock (though modest) at 3330.8MHz using the following;
    Base Clock of 166MHz
    Multiplier of 20
    Vcore of 1.300V (which under load rises to 1.328)
    Turbo is OFF

    Are there any other settings I can adjust, QPI, RAM timings or voltage to get a more efficient OC.

    At the moment I'm running Prime95 and at max load it's averaging 70 degrees after 10 minutes, it hasn't gone above 74.

    When I stop Prime95 the multiplier drops to 12, is this just power saving? is it healthy for the CPU to be jumping around with the multiplier like that?
  2. I have given up as the CPU keeps reverting back to the 12x Multiplier. Any help is appreciated.
  3. the 12x multiplier is intel speed step.. you would need to turn this off if you wish to keep it at 3330 full time I have a 930 on a gigiabyte UD3R at 4.0 with 1.3V stresses at 69C everythignelse I left to auto. but I know once I dig in I can lower temps and increase clock. got it to get in windows at 4.4Ghz but horribly unstable
  4. Thanks mate, you are a life saver. 166 BCLK, 21x, VCORE 1.3V giving 3.5GHZ right now at 77 degrees running prime95. A little higher than I would like but It will do for now. I'll dig further to see if I can get it a little lower.

    Anyone With any input as how to get my temps down?
  5. what do you have for heatsink? are you using stock? if so I strongly recommend an aftermarket solution maybe hyper 212+ or other.. personally I love my Noctua d-14 just keep in mind clearance for ram and side of case.. it is a big is almost as long wide and tall as my 5870 front to back.. i would guess about 7-8" square i can get exact measurements if you wish.clearance for ram can be an issue depending on which ram you have also odn't be afraid of a higher QPI my chip QPI run stable at 7.2Ghz ( stock is 4.8)
  6. I'm running a corsair H50 liquid cooler. It's great keeps it at around 38 during regular use (games etc) so I can't complain.
  7. while gaming at 4.3Ghz never goes over 55C and during prime/Linx never goes over 75C ( and it is summertime ) lol
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